Whether you are looking to prepare for the future, need assistance with guardianship, or need help probating a will and opening an estate for your deceased loved one, you can find comfort in knowing that our team will be protecting your interests, no matter how big or small. While many of these issues can be very complicated, we would be happy to guide you through the legal process. Our goal is to keep you informed, prepared, and as stress-free as possible.  

At Vinson & Coffinberry, our areas of Probate & Estate legal services include:

  • Estate Planning: custom planning for protecting and preserving your assets regardless of whether the extent of your assets is simple or complex.
  • Power of Attorney: including a Durable Power of Attorney, a Springing Power of Attorney, or a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
  • Health Care Directives: including Living Wills and also Appointment of Health Care Agent
  • Small Estate Administration: in Tennessee these are Estates that include only personal property valued at less that $50,000.00.  Our attorneys can help you navigate this process efficiently and correctly.
  • Probate: our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to assist you with tailoring the process to the needs of your deceased loved one's circumstances.   We provide representation throughout the probate proceedings for estates with or without a will for a range of estate values.   
  • Conservatorships and Guardianships – sometimes it becomes necessary for someone to manage the affairs of a friend or family member who is incapacitated due to minority, mental or physical disabilities or temporary illness.  We have helped numerous families successfully navigate this difficult and emotionally trying process from the appointment of a conservator or guardian to the termination of the conservatorship or guardianship.





Will Preparation

Estate Planning


Guardianship & Conservatorship